Bihotzez men choir from Guethary (bask country}

The Bihotzez choir was created in 1995 by its director Xavier Heuty.
In that period about fifteen chorists decided to sing for Christmas Eve and were named for this occasion « saint Nicolas’Choir ».
In the following monthes the choir revisited the basq polyphonic song.

In July 2004 Bihotzez became member of a meeting of eight Basq Choirs knowned under the name « Kantaberri ».

Following this meeting Bihotzez created the Magnificat from Patxi Oroz Arizkuren.

A new participation and creation from Bihotzez in 2008 with Sagarrondo Sagarra from Patxi Oroz Arizkuren. Bihotzez worked then from new polyphonic basq composition.

Actually 25 singers(ténor 1, ténor 2 , Baryton and Bass) form the Bihotzez Choir.

The aim of Bihotzez is to communicate emotion and joy to a large audience with Basq Songs.

From 2000 to 2010 BIhotzez was directed by a 25 years old director , Veronique Soule Cocoynacq . New chorists joined the group and developped an impressive new Basq music Library.
Unfortunately Veronique died at the age of 38.
Laetitia Casablanca took over and directed the choir .
After a series of concerts in Praga Laeititia introduced one of her best students , Isabelle Hernandez, to assume the continuity of her work.
Hope this last for long.